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I made an Asteroids game! To make it a little more special I added Ron! The ufo policeman we all know from the classic game but, this time, he does his best to avoid the asteroids!

Also, if you plug-in an x-box controller (an emulated one should work too), another ship will appear! You can give it a try with a friend, I hope you can have a good time! (keyboard and one controller only!)

The controller's ship is slower in general, but, instead of bullets, it has a big red laser! Burn everything! :D

It's my first game, and this is my first week with Game Maker, and it's also my first time in a game jam, so this is going to be a greeting for you all!

Controls on keyboard: arrow keys to move, space bar to shoot.

Controls on x-box controller: Analog/D-pad to turn, RT to thrust and A to shoot.

Nice to meet you!


Install instructions


You can add the second player just by pluggin a controller


Asteroids&Ron.zip 2 MB

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