How to play:

  • You have to type one morse code combination at a time, then the guide will open again and you can type the next one.
  • Use Left click or Space to play the game. ESC quits the game and 'R' restarts it.
  • You need your only hand to keep the morse manual open, so you can't type at the same time you check it.
  • Send the message that's written in the text note using your telepgrah. You have one minute.

1 M I N U T E

The year is 19xx.

You just received the worst news: the enemy is going to drop a chemical bomb. Your mission is to send a surrender message to stop the bomb from being dropped. The only tools at your disposal are a telegraph and a manual, but you can only use one at a time (you lost an arm during the war).

You find yourself in a horrible situation: One man, with only one minute. In his only hand, one tool. Send a message to stop the bomb, and; maybe, the war.

Good luck.

Emergency Morse Code course:

Features that reinforce the theme "Only one":

  • The title is 1Minute (Duh...), and you have one (1) minute to send one (1) message.
  • One character, with one arm.
  • Two tools, but you can only use one at the same time.
  • One colour tone palette.
  • The music that plays during the game is written to use only C for the melody.
  • You have to stop the big bomb from being dropped.
  • Only one button is used through the whole gameplay, even in the menu.
  • The whole game was coded using only one Godot's scene as the root.
  • The code is one line long (sike!)

Credits to Fast Turtle Games:

  • Mario "Shadink" Vílchez Romero - Music
  • Juan Marín Sánchez - Sound Engineering
  • Antonio "Yure" Heredia Romero - Graphic design, art.
  • Francisco Javier Grande Escobedo - Programming


1Minute (Windows) 45 MB
1Minute (Mac) 47 MB
1Minute (Linux) 47 MB


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It was a bit confusing that the book closes when you're sending, but I guess that has to do with him only having one arm. The game also lagged whenever a bomb dropped.